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Thad Fuller

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"We interviewed several realtors before putting our home on the market. Thad was the most enthusiastic about the possibilities our home had, he could see its potential, and had the best plan for presenting our house to its greatest advantage. He was patient with our sellers' jitters, and always available to answer questions and make adjustments to the process. He never hesitated to lend a helping hand, and we sold the house in exactly the time frame he predicted, for well over what the other realtors predicted it would sell for. I cannot recommend Thad highly enough!"

                                                                                                                                                                                                           John & Linda Strange


My husband & I had a very positive experience this summer when Thad Fuller represented us by selling our property.  He does not hesitate to offer to help with getting a property ready to list, even doing cleaning and repairs. Thad advised us to get the roof and HVAC systems checked before we had property listed. Buyers were impressed and it speeded up the inspection process later. We had multiple offers within days and the process was mostly painless. We did have questions from the buyer regarding the basement Finish and whether the work was permitted. Because Thad has extensive experience in the construction business, he immediately took control of the issue and did all the research necessary to document the process from 18 years ago. It was not a simple task, but he continued until the issue was resolved. He also was instrumental in keeping all parties on track, and we actually were able to close the deal early. It is hard to quantify what you experience in the buying and selling real estate but I honestly feel that Thad is an exceptional real estate professional. We have bought and sold property many times and rank Thad at the top of the agents we've used. Additionally, he is a very nice man with a sense of humor! Of course, we won't hesitate to contact Thad the next time we need his services.


                                                                                                                     Magaret & Ray Mantle


    Our family would recommend Thad Fuller for all of your real estate transactions in the spring of 2017, Thad listed and sold our parents home. The sale and closing date happend very quickly and Thad was right on board every step of the way. Explaining everything and helping in everyway possible. My parents were extremely happy with the sale price of there home. 

    In the summer of 2017, We sold an investment home. This home had lots of different types of offers. Thad sat down with us and went over every offer line by line. This was to make sure we knew absolutely EVERYTHING. The closing on this home was so smooth. Then we reinvested our monies from the sale of this home into another city and county that was a ways away. Thad did his research and found us a really great realtor in that area that would be able to help us better ( since he wasn't familiar with the area). That showed alot of professionalism to us. Thank you, Thad 

    In the fall of 2017, Thad sold our  grandmothers home. I can't say enough on how well he treated our grandma. He treated her just like his own grandma. When she had showings he would get there early to help her out to her car. Her sale and closing went super quick. Thad explained everything to her such as sale documents, inspection documents, closing papers. He has even talked with her since the sale just to see hows shes doing. Our grandma is very happy with the quick closing and sale price of her home.                                                                                                                                                                                     Sincerely,

                                                                                                                                                                                     Robert and Jennifer Sprague 

    I would highly recommend Thad Fuller as an honest, qualified, and caring real estate agent. We have had the opportunity and privilege of observing Thad on both buying and selling residential real estate.  On a property we were selling , he gave some great ideas of what needed to be done and made sure the house was ready for showings, were he stayed at the property and did a great job " Selling"  the house. After receiving a few offers from the open house, he then helped us choose the offer we selected. Thad continued to show his knowledge of the business by assisting us through the closing process and made the entire process from beginning to end as painless and profitable as possible. We were so impressed with Thads integrity and work ethic that when it came time for our daughter to purchase a new home, we got her connected with Thad. With her, not only did he help her with finding a mortgage broker, Thad even supported her during the material and fixture selection with the builder. Thad again displayed his extensive knowlege of home buliding during the final walk through. Where he pointed out several punch list items we would have missed. He also helped her at closing and was able to answer all the questions she had as a first time buyer. Once again Thad was involved from the beginning to the end and took a great deal of stress out of the process.

                                                                                                                                                                      Thank you Thad for all your help!  

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Doug Kehr





      Thad has been helping find property for the last year. He was very patient and took his time showing me proporties until he found me a great investment. He went the extra mile and inquired into a property that was not quite on the market, yet. Thad located the owner and helped me submit a well written offer and lucky for me the owner accepted. From offer to closing Thad was making sure my best interests were his top priority. Thads vigilance and persistence made the transaction a reality! 

                                                                                                                                        Thank you so much Mr. Fuller!

                                                                                                                                                              Chris Abbott - Owner, Lone Wolf Industrial

    To anyone looking for a realtor to represent them I would recommend Thad Fuller. I used his services this past fall and was exceptionally pleased. When listing with him, he came directly to my home and explained in detail the setting up of my home in language I could understand. He measured and investigated property features carefully, to help me choose a listing price he checked all the comparables in my neighborhood to quantify a square footage price.  He summarized the additional features I had in my home that others did not and his pricing was spot on. During the showings of my home I was always given plenty of notification time. I also have a kitty and all viewers were notified of her presence. Thad had my home under contract in 8 days and we closed in less than 30 days! The buyer gave me a large list of inspection items but because of Thad's extensive construction experience he was able to remedy everything in the inspection list making my life easy and saving me a bunch of money! The closing went very smoothly as Thad had given me all  the closing information I needed to review before we sat down at the closing table. As a very special favor Thad carried my kitty, in her pet taxi, into the closing office and carried her back to my car. Thad is not the only realtor I've dealt with. I have sold 4 homes over the years but Thad out did them all! 

                                      Thank you Thad!

                                           Jean Greene

If you are looking to buy or sell a home I would highly recommend Thad Fuller! He took such good care of my family & I. He helping us find our dream home. Selling & buying another home simultaneously can be stressful, Thad held my hand through the whole process. Thad is honest, professional, knowledgeable, organized, kind and has great attention to detail. I can’t say it enough how thankful I am for his help. It was a pleasure working with Thad on selling and purchasing my new home.  To anyone who is looking for a great, hard-working realtor. He is the best!

             Sara, Mary, Bobby & Fia



Thad Fuller is our Realtor. We decided to downsize in the spring of 2016. We decided to buy first and then sell our existing home. The buying process proceeded in the fashion that my wife and I would look on various sites and send a list of properties to Thad. Thad would also look through his resources and suggest modifications or properties that we had not seen. This would produce a list of 5-7 properties. Thad would schedule the showings and in some cases make further modifications based on availability (some properties would go under contract between making the list and the show date) and I would take a Thursday afternoon off work, meet my wife and Thad and look at properties. This process lasted for approximately 4 months and almost 60 properties. The market at that time was very volatile which caused Thad to have to review the showings on a daily basis because properties were in very high demand and often time on market was less than a week. I recall that Thad brokered offers on four or five of those properties which also required extra work. Though the process was long, it never really felt tedious due to the relationship Thad built with us.We made a successful bid on our current home and Thad made that contract negotiation smooth and effortless. Next we started the process of selling our old home. In both cases, Thad did a really superb job of research into market values which helped both the buying and selling process. Thad made suggestions concerning the marketing of our home and produced a very nice sales sheet. He marketed the home very well. The home was in a significantly higher market than our new downsized home which caused the time on market to be extended, however it was only on the market for about two months, during the winter before it was under contract.Thad also handled this contract in a smooth and efficient manner finishing the entire process successfully.

We would recommend Thad Fuller to any prospective buyers or sellers and, if the need arises, we will use Thad in the future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Tom & Susie Morris

Thad sold my investment property and my primary residence in 2017. First, he did a thorough walk through of my properties then he advised me what should be fixed, painted, replaced, serviced, etc. While negotiating with the buyers I found his advice to be spot on and things he recommended helped finalize the transaction. When selling my primary residence I informed Thad that I was headed out of the country and really needed to sell before I left. Thad went to work and had my home under contract in 12 days and we closed the transaction 2 days before I left.  Stress relief, Thank you, Thad! Thad is the best! One of Thad’s most endearing qualities is how he understood my needs and did everything in his power to bring them into fruition. If you’re looking for a realtor that treats every transaction as if it was his own, Thad is your Man!

Thanks again Thad! I owe you one!

                                        James Decamp

Thad helped my mother and I with our first home purchase. It was a distresses property in the stages of foreclosure. He helped us move quick and get our offer submitted and accepted in time to stop the foreclosure process. It helped us get the fixer upper we had hoped for and helped the current owner from losing their equity/home. Thad was involved in every phase of the home buying process. He uncovered that the recently installed roof on the home was not permitted just a couple days before closing. My mother and I still wanted the home but were concerned the roof might not be installed correctly/water tight. Thad called a trusted local roofer and scheduled a complete roofing inspection which was completed the next day. The roof was installed to current building codes and we had the confidence we needed to close the deal. Thad never panicked. He new what needed to be done and got it done with ease and efficiency. Thad will do what ever it takes to insure there are no surprises in the home buying process.  We have completely remodeled the home and we love it! Home Sweet Home!

                                 Mike and Anna